BIKINI CONTESTS GUIDE ..  For Guys Who Wanna "Work" With Sexy Girls In Bikinis!

Why Organize Bikini Contests?

Picture yourself surrounded by 8 sexy girls in Bikinis..

You know them and work with them on a regular basis. You hang out with some of them and date one of them. Every other weekend, you're all somewhere in town putting on a Bikini Contest. That's just a glimpse of the lifestyle you could have when you organize Bikini Contests.

Right now, like most guys, you probably spend most of your time watching sports to see who will tonight's game and then hear the espn analysts debate who is the greatest of all time. You probably spend more time surfing the net, trying to meet girls online but rarely ever meet any.

Sure, you sometimes go out with a friend to have drink somewhere, but you just end up standing in the corner of the bar, drinking away, hoping you'll get a chance to talk to that girl over there.

I know the feeling, I've been there, I lived like that for a long long time until I learned how to organize Bikini Contests.

Bikini Contests Are More Fun ... When You're The Organizer

Guys like them because they just love seeing sexy real girls in bikinis ( don't we all?! ). Business owners like them because they bring in more customers. Girls like them because they're easy work for good money and to brag about being in a swimsuit competition.

They are simple to organize once you know how. When you learn how and become the go to guy for putting on Bikini Contests in your town, your life will change for the better.

Instead of spending those weekends on the couch watching tv and surfing the net, you'll be out at public events, private events, sports bars, stores and other places, putting on bikini shows, hanging out with sexy girls, doing business with wealthy business owners and making new friends along the way.

Here are some of the benefits you get from organizing Bikini Contests:

  Work With Sexy Girls

Spend your weekends hanging out with hot sexy girls. Enough Said!

  Network With Business Owners

Do business with local business owners and build quality relationships that enrich your life.

  Make Extra Income

Make some extra money on the side, for very little work. Or make more if you want to.

  Raise Your Social Status

Elevate your social status by surrounding yourself with beautiful women and wealthy men.

  Get Out And Have Fun

Take a break from the tv, the computer screen and the phone. Go out and have fun and be happier.

  Did We Say Work With Sexy Girls?!

Incase you missed it; work with lots of beautiful sexy women!

"Yesterday I did my first contest.. wasn't sure how it would go, but it went just fine. Can't wait to do it again."

Josh Rooge, Los Angeles, CA

How I Got Started Doing Bikini Contests...

Some background..

My name is Omar, I work full-time as a programmer in South Florida. A few years ago I started organizing Bikini Contests on weekends and it changed my life.

Before that I was lonely, bored and a little depressed. I was single for a while. My family lives up north, so I only got to see them once a year. I had a couple of friends, but all we really did was sit around, watch TV and talk about whatever comes up. Most nights I was online doing one thing or another.

So between my job, hanging out at friends or home alone, all I was doing was looking at screens. Then ending my nights doing you know what! and then falling asleep. It was a boring life with no fun and no girl to hold.

But sometimes I went out, and in South Florida there's a beach culture with the occasional Bikini Contest somewhere. I didn't go out looking for them, it wasn't that big of a deal to me, but one day I happened to be at an outdoor event where they we're having a Bikini Contest. For a few minutes I was staring at  some very sexy girls, all tanned and oiled up,  with the sunshine light on their bodies making them glow like angels. A nice few minutes of happiness that every man deserves.

After they left the stage, I started wondering..

It wasn't the first time I had seen a Bikini Contest, and I did see plenty of sexy girls at the beach and even at strip clubs. But this time it was different. This time I started thinking more seriously; how could I get closer to these girls? what if I was the one setting up the contest? then I would get to meet them, interview them and talk to them. That would be one way to do it and I started taking the idea seriously.

For the following few weeks, I just thought about it. Where would I organize a Bikini Contest? for whom? how much will it cost? and so on. By now, it was more then an idea, I started seeing the bigger picture and also thinking of the little details. I finally decided; enough thinking about it,  it's time to put on an actual Bikini Contest. 

To me it was simple, find a location to host the contest and put up some ads to find the girls.

Both of those things turned out to be harder then I thought. When I picked up the phone to call a few big sports bars, I couldn't even get to the manager. Whoever answered the phone would ask "what's this regarding?", "Is he expecting your call?", "He's not here, can I take a message?" and so on. I decided to just show up there and see if I can talk to the manager directly.

That was better and I was able to talk to one of them. But he seemed like he was in hurry to get back to his duties and he wasn't taking me very seriously. He basically said "it's a good idea but you need to have all the details worked out and then I can take it to the owner".

I setup another time to go see him again with all the details put down in writing. The costs, the benefits, the agenda ..etc. He said that helped but who are the girls? I had no answer. I told him once we decided to do the contest, then I would find the girls. Wrong answer! that scared him, it made the whole thing sound amateurish, like I was doing it for the first time, which I was. Of course I lost that opportunity. I blew it!

It was time to look for another sports bar, but this time with a list of girls ready to go.

So I worked on finding the girls first.

I put up ads on craigslist saying that I'm looking for girls to do a Bikini Contest. I didn't have a location or date or anything. Without much info, I only got a couple of decent girls to respond, plus a couple more that weren't good enough to do a Bikini Contest. Of course the responses were questions about where the contest is, when, the pay ..etc.

Now I was stuck, no business to host a contest and not enough girls to show. The frustration set in and the all excitement was gone. I basically gave up on the project and went back to my boring life, back to the screens and lonely evenings.

But something brought me back. One of the girls, that had responded to my ad, kept emailing me asking when is the Bikini Contest going to happen. I had told her the first time that I didn't know when we were having it ( I had to say something! ). So in a strange way, her emails are what kept the project alive in my head. Plus the frustration of still being single made me wanna meet her and the other girl that responded.  After all, I was doing all this to hook up with these sexy girls. 

So I got interested again and I decided to go see another Bikini Contest, maybe I'll get more information, if not, at least it would motivate me again, plus it's fun. I found out that one of the bars in South Beach, called Clevlender, has a Bikini Contest every Saturday afternoon. That in itself was encouraging because I always thought they only happen once in a while. Anyway, I went down to see the next one and tried to notice everything.

Clevlender Weekly Bikini Contest in South Beach

Then I went again and this time I decided to talk to the MC after the contest, I approached him and told him "I was thinking of hosting a Bikini Contest at my brother's restaurant, how does it work?"

His answer was "Sure, we can do that for you. How soon do you want it? How many girls do you want to have? Do you have Sponsors? How big is the restaurant?...etc". So I made up some answers and I realized he's not really helping me. I took his number and told him I'll call him back after I talk to my brother.

I went home and thought things over again.

I came to the conclusion that there are two ways to approach this.

One way is to pay for the contest myself, that way I could take the risk out of it for the business and just tell them I'll take care of everything and they get it done for free. That way I would have a location and all the info to get the girls on board. The problem doing it that way was that it would cost me a lot and I didn't believe I should be paying for everything myself.

The second way was to call up that guy who did the Bikini Contests and be honest with him about what I wanna do, and then offer to pay him for his time to teach me. That way would be a lot cheaper. An hour or two of his time for a few dollars, it was well worth it for me. Hopefully he would agree to it.

I decided to go with the second way and call him, his name was Felix, a cuban american living in Miami. I called him and setup a time to meet at a restaurant. And we did. When we sat down, I told him that I'm sorry but I didn't want to hire him to do the contest, instead, I wanted to pay him for his time to teach me how to setup Bikini Contests. I also made it clear that because I lived in Delray Beach, I was far from Miami, so I would only organize them further north, not in Miami, so he wouldn't feel threatened.

He agreed and took it well, I thought. I payed him and I also bought him lunch and a couple of drinks.

He started telling me how things work, while I took down notes.

As he explained things, I couldn't help but think, there's a better way to do this and a cheaper way to do that, and so on. But still, he gave me a lot of good info. Nothing was too hard or complicated, mostly about being organized and professional.

I walked away feeling much more confident about the whole thing. When I got home, I looked at my notes and started planning my second attempt to organize a Bikini Contest.

To make a very long story short, I found a new sports bar, talked to the manager and convinced him to have one. Then I found 6 girls to do the contest and 4 weeks later, I did my first Bikini Contest. It wasn't perfect, some things went wrong, including one of the girls not showing up. But it was a good learning experience. First lesson was to have a backup girl ready, incase one of the girls doesn't show up. I wish Felix had told me that, but he didn't.

Then I found a different sports bar and organized another one.

And then another one. With each one, I got better at organizing them and at finding businesses to do them. I had a large group of girls to work the contests and I built up my credibility, so things got easier. And that's how it all started.

What's important is that I had changed my life. I became friends with some of the girls and eventually dated one of them, and later on one of their friends. Even when I wasn't dating,  I was usually hanging out with beautiful women.

Whenever I did a Bikini Contest, I would invite my buddies to come and see it, and then stay after the show, much better then sitting home watching TV! I became friends with business owners and whenever I stopped by to have a drink, they would sit and have one with me, and usually cover the bill. Plus, I was making some extra income doing these contests.

 I wasn't bored and depressed like before. I was dating again. I was going out and having fun. I was a lot happier! 


1957 Modern Girl Magazine:

"It is hardly necessary to waste words over the so-called bikini, since it is inconceivable that any girl with tact and decency would ever wear such a thing!"

Why Write The Guide?

As time went on I did more contests..

I got much better at finding businesses, at getting in the door, at convincing them to host Bikini Contests. I knew what to say, when to say it and how to say it. I developed a system and perfected it, based on all my experience.

But I also realized that I stumbled on something bigger here. It's the power of these Bikini Contests to change someone's life completely.

Looking back on all those times I read books and watched videos of self help gurus talking about "positive thinking" and "the secret" and "how to pick up girls with NLP" and on and on and on. It was all talk that I quickly forgot. It was interesting but it never got me anywhere.

When I compare those to what I was able to do organizing Bikini Contests, what a huge difference?! with Bikini Contests I actually got up and went out and met people.  I dated beautiful women. I did business with business men. I made new friends. I changed my life.  

So whenever I came across an article, a video clip, a tv commercial or anything from those self help gurus, I couldn't help but think "what a bunch of mumo jumbo!". There is a better way. A real way. A concrete way that involves more then just "a way of thinking".

When I see these gurus talking about how to pick girls by standing like this and saying these specific words, it just makes laugh! because I filled my life with beautiful women without standing a certain way or saying certain words.

So one day I just decided to write a guide to show others how to organize Bikini Contests. I wanted to show other guys that there's a better way. I wanted to change someone's life to the better. I think it's the most satisfying thing a human being can do; to help others improve their life.

Whenever someone emails me, telling me they did a Bikini Contest somewhere and they're so excited about it, it brings another kind of happiness in my life. It makes my day knowing that I helped make a real difference in someone's life.

Here's a picture from one of those guys, Adam, he sent it to me after doing a couple of contests, just to show me how things are changing for him.

Adam hanging out with some sexy girls

I can only organize contests in my local area and I already built up my reputation locally, so I have nothing to lose by sharing this guide with others. I want others to get it and do it and change their life for the better too. Also, I do have a successful career and do well financially, so it's not about the extra money.

It's scary how much time guys are spending online, watching TV, on social media, on smart phones, on adult sites, on dating sites. And the trends are discouraging. You probably fall victim to that too.

Well, it's not natural and it leads to depression. It's NOT how we humans were meant to be.

We're social creatures, we socialize in person and outside, not from behind a computer screen far away! Did you know that anytime you touch someone, anyone, your body releases Oxytocin, a feel good chemical similar to dopamine. That's who we are and we need to remember that.

Now imagine if you weren't just touching anyone, but instead a bunch of sexy women in Bikinis. Even better, imagine taking one of them home afterwards and spending the afternoon in bed with her.  What kind of feel good chemicals are you gonna get on that day?!

Organizing Bikini Contests is not complicated, it just takes a little attitude and a little guidance, which is what this guide is about.

Yes, the first one is a little hard but after that, it gets easier and easier. The more you do them, the easier it is to do others, because the referrals come in and your reputation gets bigger and better. You become more confident and you have more fun doing them.

Here are the guide chapters..

Guide Chapters

Chapter 1

Why organize Bikini Contests and how you benefit.

Chapter 2

Mental Mindset
The most important chapter, all you need is the attitude.

Chapter 3

Ground Work
Before you get started, the things you need to do first.

Chapter 4

The Business Model
Understand the basic business model.

Chapter 5

Finding The Businesses
How to sell a Bikini Contest to any business owner.

Chapter 6

Finding The Girls
Finding sexy girls to work, where and what to say.

Chapter 7

Before The Contest
Getting ready for the contest, do your homework.

Chapter 8

It's Show Time!
It's time to put on a show, what to do and what to say.

Chapter 9

After The Contest
More contests and cross selling for more money.

Chapter 9

Related Contests
Wet T Shirt Contests and others, the pros and cons.

Chapter 10

Hooking Up With The Girls
Bonus chapter on how to get lucky with the girls.

Chapter 11

Wrapping up and closing thoughts.

Getting The Guide

I hope you see the great value in this guide. By now, it should be clear that you do have a way out of the cold boring digital world and into the real world, with real people, real women and real events.

Learn from my mistakes and gain from my experience, so you don't make the same mistakes I did.

To just do nothing will cost you an untold amount of fun and happiness. I really can't put a price on a guide to a life full of beautiful women, fun in the sun and higher social status. To me, I think it's priceless! 

Bikini Contests Guide is only $27

I think that's a price that any man can afford. It's less than the cost of going out one time in the hopes of meeting any girl!

* I'm not sure it's a fair price, so I might be changing it soon, just to be clear.




Immediate download to the guide, so you can start reading it in a few minutes from now.

It's an easy read ( 44 pages ), just grab a drink, turn off all the distractions and start a new life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone organize Bikini Contests?
That is the most asked question and the answer is YES. You don't have to be a certain age. You don't have to be well connected. You don't have to have good looks. You don't need any special talents. If you can read from a sheet of paper, just like you're reading now, you can put on bikini contests.
Do I need money to organize Bikini Contests?
To get started you will need a few dollars to buy a few small things. After you start doing the contests, you'll cover the minor expenses from the income you make.
Is the guide easy to follow?
Yes, it's easy, it takes you chapter by chapter to cover every aspect of organizing Bikini Contests. You should be able to read it quickly and then refer to it again and again, if needed.
Are bikini contests for beach cities only?
No, Bikini Contests can be held anywhere indoor as well as outdoor. Actually, it may be even more successful in non beach cities where man see less hot women in Bikinis.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. If you buy the guide, read it, follow it and still don't succeed, then you can get a full money back guarantee, no questions asked.
When will I receive the guide?
Upon completing payment, you will receive an email with a download link to the guide. If you don't receive it immediately, please allow a few minutes for the email to arrive and then check your spam folder incase it went there.